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Recover Your Smile for Life

Smiling man and woman hugging after replacing missing teeth in Castle Rock

If you’re already living with missing teeth, then you don’t need us to tell you about the day-to-day problems they can cause. What you might not know is that today’s tooth loss dramatically increases your chances of future tooth loss. Fortunately, Smile Castle Rock can help you recover your smile for life using dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures that can make a big difference today while keeping you protected and healthy for years to come. Call us today to schedule a consultation for replacing your missing teeth in Castle Rock!

Why Choose Smile Castle Rock for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • Team Led by Multiple Dental Experts
  • Aesthetically Focused Dental Restorations
  • Partnered with Master Dental Ceramist

Dental Implants

Dentist holding a model of a dental implant

Dental implants go beyond traditional tooth replacement solutions by restoring both the visible crown and hidden root of a tooth. Small titanium posts are placed into the jaw, and these can be used to support single crowns, a dental bridge, or even a denture. Thanks to this two-part structure, dental implants are extremely strong, stable, and have been shown to last for over 25 years.

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Dentist holding a full upper denture

Partial dentures can close gaps while fitting comfortably between any remaining teeth, and a full denture sits right on the gums to bring back an entire row. We can even go beyond removable prosthetics and anchor a denture directly to the jawbone using a small number of dental implants.

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Dental Bridges

Dentist crafting a dental bridge in a model of the mouth

For patients with one or a few missing teeth in a row, we can literally bridge the gap by placing dental crowns on the remaining healthy teeth on either side of the space. These will then be bonded to one or more dental crowns that restore someone’s appearance, help with chewing, and prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting out of place.