Restorative Dentistry – Castle Rock, CO

Beautiful Solutions for Broken & Cracked Teeth

Close up of person pointing to their chipped tooth before restorative dentistry

Our solutions for broken and cracked teeth aren’t designed to simply be functional, but beautiful as well. The approach at Smile Castle Rock is to give our patients the absolute best when it comes to strength, longevity, and aesthetics. Whether you have one tooth or several that require some repair, we’re ready to give you a smile that looks like nothing was ever wrong with it with restorative dentistry in Castle Rock.

Why Choose Smile Castle Rock for Restorative Dentistry?

  • High-Quality, Natural-Looking Dental Restorations
  • Can Handle the Most Complicated Dental Cases
  • Regular & Wisdom Tooth Extractions Performed In-House

Dental Crowns

Dental crown resting on a finger

For a tooth with a large cavity, broken filling, or deep crack, a dental crown can save it from extraction while also improving the appearance of the smile. Our crowns can be made of sturdy and long-lasting materials like metal as well as more natural-looking ones like porcelain and zirconia. With a crown, a tooth will function and look like new, saving you the trouble (and expense) of replacing it.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Close up of person with dental mirror in their mouth

Rather than using silver-colored amalgam to fill a small to medium-sized cavity, we instead place a tooth-colored composite resin. This forms a stronger bond with the enamel, prevents temperature sensitivity, and is color-matched so the final restoration essentially looks invisible.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Woman with long brown hair grinning

If a patient has several cracked, decayed, or missing teeth, simply fixing one problem at a time won’t be enough, nor is it very efficient. Instead, our team can use a full mouth reconstruction to renew a patient’s oral health and appearance using one seamless treatment plan. It will involve a tailored combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures working together to address every issue so a patient can get their refreshed smile as soon as possible.

Tooth Extractions

Wincing man holding his cheek with one hand and an extracted tooth in the other

While our primary goal is to help a patient keep their teeth for as long as possible, sometimes a tooth can be so damaged that it’s beyond repair. In these cases, we can perform gentle and comfortable tooth extractions. And thanks to our wide array of dental services, we can help a patient quickly replace their problem tooth with a strong and beautiful restoration to seamlessly fill the gap.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Young woman holding her cheek in pain

The last set of teeth to come in is the third molars, better known as the wisdom teeth, which usually appear between the ages of 17-25. Because all of the other teeth are already present, the wisdom teeth often become stuck or place pressure on the nearby molars, creating pain, shifting, and a myriad of other issues. Usually, the best solution is to simply remove these unneeded teeth, which we can take care of right here at Smile Castle Rock.